Master Data

D&B Optimizer for Data Management

Maintain a single, accurate view of customers, prospects and suppliers through batch data services

Maintain a single source of truth on customers, prospects and suppliers across CRM, MDM, ERP and AP platforms
Consolidate duplicate records, standardize formatting and correct addresses with regular data refreshes
Augment data with rich firmographics, including newly enhanced geocodes, corporate hierarchies & analytics for better decision making.
Visualize the health of your existing database and assess opportunities to improve data quality
Turn data into an asset by leveraging analytics to uncover the pockets of risk and opportunity
Flexible file delivery options to suit your business needs

How It Works

Anchored by the DUNSRight® and CleneStep™ processes, D&B Optimizer helps you improve data quality and align your organization around a shared view of the customer. As the complexity of data increases, data professionals need to integrate internal and external sources to get a full view of customer relationships. D&B Optimizer simplifies the process of combining data sources and gives your teams the confidence to make critical decisions.
When we brought in Dun & Bradstreet, they educated us, they brought us up to speed on exactly how to leverage their solutions.
Greg McLaughlin , CRM Director , Neopost