Master Data

D&B Direct for Data Management

Gain an enterprise-wide customer view and drive growth through the power of Data-as-a-Service

Enterprise-Wide Collaboration In Real Time

D&B Direct provides the intelligence you need to transform the way you do business. Our modern API links data across silos to create a single, enterprise view of your customer relationships – and provides the analytics to uncover opportunities and fuel growth across your business.

Data-as-a-Service is the next evolution of data management. As the complexity of data increases, traditional databases and batch files cannot keep up with the volume, variety and velocity. Data professionals need to integrate internal and external sources and turn data into an asset for their organizations. D&B Direct enables you to simplify data governance, develop an enterprise customer view and deploy analytics to drive profitable growth.

Plug-and-play integration with Informatica
Maintain a single source of truth on customers, prospects and suppliers across CRM, MDM, ERP and AP platforms
Augment data with rich firmographics, including newly enhanced geocodes, corporate hierarchies & analytics for better decision making
Optimize data management with real-time matching, enrichment and delivery of data
Turn data into an asset by leveraging analytics to uncover the pockets of risk and opportunity
Prevent future data quality problems at the point of entry into your systems
Our programmable API allows you to automate data governance tasks to increase efficiency