Metro Appeal Scores

Analytical insights to understand the likelihood that businesses may leave or join a community and the potential drivers of that decisionRequest Free Access
Analytical insights that help communities grow
The Metro Appeal Scores group key real-time economic, behavioral, and firmographic indicators in one central view. The Scores help you quickly assess whether local businesses may uproot or expand so you can create more effective retention strategies.
Manage Risk
Better understand the economic impacts of your existing retention and incentive strategies
Improve Planning
Ensure your strategies reflect the signals that indicate key employers’ willingness to stay or go
Increase Effectiveness
Develop and extend meaningful incentives and negotiate proactively

Move Score

Understand how likely a company is to move its headquarters or single-site facility within the next 12 months based on deep data, including firmographic, location-based, inquiry, and macroeconomic.
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New Branch Score

Using a mix of firmographic, inquiry, and macroeconomic data, find out which company headquarters seem ready to add branches to their family tree within the next 12 months.
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Location Growth Score

Which industry in which county appears ready for excess growth in the next year? View a mix of geographic attributes, regional firmographics, and macro data for the answer.
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