D&B Small Business Financial Exchange

Powering Your Small Business Relationships with SBFE Data™ and D&B Analytics

Make informed decisions about small businesses

Financial institutions can dramatically improve bottom line results by leveraging SBFE-powered analytics from Dun & Bradstreet across the credit process. D&B combines the power of SBFE Data™ with our innovative data sources to help you optimize your small business customer portfolio.
Maximum Data Depth and Coverage
Bundle SBFE data with more than 150 D&B data attributes in a single data packet
Highly Predictive Attributes
Measure open and closed accounts, attributes by unique account types, and more
Highly Predictive Score
The D&B SBFE Score leverages the power of SBFE and D&B’s proprietary data assets
How It Works

SBFE Members now have access to more predictive insights and analytics on small businesses as Dun & Bradstreet is authorized as the first SBFE Certified Vendor.

See how the leading Financial Services firms are powering their Small Business Relationships with SBFE Data & D&B Analytics. Learn more about Dun & Bradstreet & SBFE® Use Cases.

The robust predictive power of combining SBFE Data and D&B’s innovative data and analytics will provide SBFE Members with improved transparency in their small businesses portfolio. This new data offering delivers more than 900 SBFE attributes derived from detailed SBFE account data (e.g. total % utilization, payment performance, and balance velocity ratio) which provide highly desirable predictive characteristics. These can be bundled with more than 150 additional D&B attributes in a single custom data packet.

With D&B’s SBFE-powered analytics you can anticipate a minimum predictive lift of 20%, resulting in improved risk discrimination and account profitability across the credit lifecycle: loan originations and underwriting; account management and portfolio monitoring; and collections and recovery.