Credit & Risk Management

D&B Portfolio Manager

Combine your data with D&B’s for enhanced insight

Use segmentation to enrich accounts management
Merge your receivables data with Dun & Bradstreet’s credit risk management information to help you view payment performance and opportunities across your customer portfolio
Compare four types of analysis and 'drill down' to view details on accounts - to see your risk distribution
Improve cash flow by prioritising collections based on aging buckets, collecting from accounts before severe delinquency
Stay up-to-date with data refreshes daily or monthly based on your preferences
Stay informed through alerts so you can stay on top of significant changes within your portfolio
Profile your ledger balances using Dun & Bradstreet’s predictive failure, delinquency and payment scores
Validate your reserving and collections strategies by following trend performance within your portfolio
How It Works Our Portfolio Manager application is an on-demand, customisable risk management solution to help you more strategically and effectively manage your accounts receivable. By combining proprietary Dun & Bradstreet intelligence with your own data, you get a big-picture view of your portfolio’s overall performance. Pinpoint the main areas of risk and opportunity—for better targeting of your credit management resources, and a clearer view of which credit policies are most appropriate for which circumstances.