Credit & Risk Management

D&B Lending Intelligence

Powering Your Commercial Lending Decisions through Greater Insight and Analytics

Deeper insight on commercial lending decisions
Dun & Bradstreet provides UK commercial lenders with data covering the full aspect of borrowing performance. In addition to our leading financial, corporate linkage and ownership analytics, we add significant new insight on client behaviour to make more robust / quicker lending decisions.
Better understanding of client behaviours from deeper trends and insights to help you make more robust lending decisions.
Enhanced risk management of your existing portfolios highlighting changes on clients, enabling prompt action.
Understand client opportunities and behaviours as they emerge from COVID-19 and seek investment for growth.
Transactional insights provide net income trends helping to understand loan applicant affordability.
Additional insights from our market leading corporate linkage, beneficial ownership and predictive commercial credit scores.
Granular insights can augment thin files for improved new business onboarding, ongoing monitoring and collection prioritisation decisions.

How It Works

Dun & Bradstreet, as a designated Credit Reference Agency acts as a portal for shared banking CCDS* data enabling UK financial institutions engaged in business lending to make more robust / quicker decisions. D&B Lending Intelligence augments the base shared data with thousands of other metrics and analytics on a loan applicant enabling a lender to more efficiently manage risk and identify opportunity. With significantly more firmographics, payment insights, corporate linkage and commercial credit scores, lenders can make more forward-thinking judgements.