Credit & Risk Management

D&B® Account Manager for DNBi®

Advanced rules-based solution for credit teams looking to automate and expedite their accounts receivable management processes
Transform your account review process
Automate how you monitor your entire customer base with D&B® Account Manager for DNBi. Combine your credit policy and accounts receivable data with Dun & Bradstreet's world-class data and robust analytics to proactively manage the risk in your portfolio.
Prioritize workflow management—automate how reviews are conducted and when based on your company’s account review rules.
Automate regular monitoring processes to spot problem accounts before they go to collections or impact your bottom line.
Manage cash flow efficiently using aging report features to inform where customers are in the account management cycle.
Record all actions through the account management cycle with automatic time-stamping for audit and compliance documentation.
Use aging reports, summaries and graphs to share portfolio performance metrics, such as DSO, with senior executives.
Online access, intuitive interfaces and quick-step instructions get your credit team up and running quickly and easily.
How It WorksD&B® Account Manager for DNBi is a customizable rules-based add-on module to DNBi that allows you to implement automated credit management processes. Monitor your entire customer base by combining your credit policy, accounts receivable data, and the latest comprehensive Dun & Bradstreet business information to notify you when you need to take action on your existing customers.
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