D&B Fraud Risk Network

Join forces with Dun & Bradstreet’s Certified Fraud Examiners and cross-industry peers to fight fraud together

Collaboration is Key to Combat Fraud

As fraudsters and bad actors continue to collaborate and exchange information and tactics, fraud is becoming more complex, sophisticated, and difficult for businesses to detect. Industry silos and lack of information sharing between organizations have allowed fraud to proliferate within and across industries.

Breaking down these silos and sharing intelligence with industry peers in the collective fight against fraud is essential to beating fraudsters at their own game.

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Mitigate Fraud Risk
Enhancing your due diligence can help detect and prevent fraud attempts before they turn into a financial loss.
We’re in This Together
By sharing intelligence, you are joining forces with cross-industry peers and helping the community stay ahead of fraudsters and their tactics!
Searchable Database of Fraud Insights
Search the secure, online portal for reported & confirmed high-risk business entities. The D&B Fraud Risk Network is built on the strong foundation of Dun & Bradstreet data with extensive experience and focus in business fraud. The network provides Dun & Bradstreet business information, as well as risk alerts, special event comments, suspicious business characteristics, investigation results, and any additional supporting information shared by cross-industry peers.
Investigations Conducted by Highly Accredited & Experienced Fraud Experts

Submit new suspicious cases for investigation by Certified Fraud Examiners and receive investigation findings and insights.

The core value of the D&B Fraud Risk Network is Dun & Bradstreet’s Certified Fraud Examiners whose mission is to identify, investigate, and alert clients of high risk and fraud, while protecting the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud from material misrepresentation. The team is comprised of business professionals with deep knowledge and experience in financial services, insurance, military, law enforcement, and other industries.

Depth & Breadth of Intelligence

A combination of Open Sources, Signal Sources and Human Sources are leveraged to investigate and gather data and facts. These sources are evaluated using the Five V’s of Source Quality – Volume, Velocity, Veracity, Variety, and Value. Information validated by Certified Fraud Examiners are reflected in the risk alerts, special event comments, business risk characteristics, and investigator notes.

  • Open Sources – Includes both paid and free content that is commercially and/or publicly available
  • Signal Sources – Includes proprietary and analytically developed attributes with known informational value
  • Human Sources – Includes interviews or provides information from knowledgeable individual people
Risk Alerts Powered by Data

The D&B Fraud Risk Network features over 700K Data Attributes. These data attributes help identify 36 Suspicious Business Characteristics.

Suspicious Business Characteristics are assigned to investigated organizations and individuals to notify network members of the type of fraud or suspicious activity associated with the person and/or business in the network database. Based on the Suspicious Business Characteristics, the entity may be flagged as one or more of the 7 types of Risk Alerts.