Make better informed decisions
Access to consumer credit information available through our solutions provides this additional dimension to give you a complete view of commercial and consumer risk and opportunity so you can make better informed decisions
How It Works

Dun & Bradstreet data undergoes the strictest evaluation method: the DUNSRight® Quality Process offers deep, unbiased insights into both publicly traded and private companies. We collect, aggregate, edit and validate data from thousands of trusted sources daily using more than 2,000 separate automated checks. Our ability to turn an enormous stream of data into high-quality, reliable business information simply sets Dun & Bradstreet apart.

As a responsible organisation, we have an important role to play in fostering economic success – not just for Balfour Beatty PLC, for the whole of UK PLC. Without the help of Dun & Bradstreet, we could not have gained the confidence to make our £1 billion SME spend commitment.
Aaron Reid , Sustainable Supply Chain Manager , Balfour Beatty UK