Diversico Holding Makes a Smart Investment in Credibility Concierge®

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Since its founding in 2015, Diversico Holding has grown substantially, now managing ten subsidiary companies in three states. Its CEO, Jason Rubin, began the company with an initial investment in Storch Entertainment Group, a prominent music production company. From there, he began to make other connections and investments in a variety of industries, expanding Diversico’s reach in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Our Concierge Manager is like a full-time employee in our office. I know if I shoot him an email, he'll reply.
Jason Rubin, CEO, Diversico Holding

Today, Diversico Holding manages companies in the consulting, investment, entertainment, real estate, transportation, and wholesale industries. Each subsidiary has its own employees for day-to-day operations but is managed by Diversico Holding. For a company with only ten employees, that’s a lot to manage.


Separating Personal and Business Credit

Diversico is a young company, learning to manage the ups and downs of doing business. When it first began, Jason says there was a lot of trial and error – his experience running a business was limited at the time. One of the early challenges was hiring the right people, because they didn’t really know what was needed for each new venture. It was very important that each subsidiary business be self-sufficient at the day-to-day level. Jason had a clear vision for the company, and he knew he would need the right people on board to get it there.

Years ago, we had trouble getting lines of credit approved...It feels more secure when you have all these financial tools available to the company.
Jason Rubin, CEO, Diversico Holding

Another challenge was separating his personal credit from the company’s business credit. Jason wanted to invest as much as possible in the company, but he wanted to be smart about it. He learned that separating personal and business liability was an important first step, and he began to understand the significance of business credit. He also determined that the Credibility Concierge service from Dun & Bradstreet was going to be an important tool in helping him build and manage his business credit file.


Credibility Concierge Helps Manage Multiple Business Credit Files

When Jason first began working with a Concierge Manager from Dun & Bradstreet, he didn’t know what to expect. However, he found that without the help of his Concierge Manager, keeping up with the business credit file for ten companies would have been too much for his staff to handle. The Concierge Manager made the tasks manageable.

Working on our business credit report with Dun & Bradstreet is perhaps the smartest decision we could have made before approaching any financial institution.
Jason Rubin, CEO, Diversico Holding

While at first Jason was overwhelmed by how much work was to be done, Diversico’s relationship with its Concierge Manager encouraged him to see it through. The Concierge Manager’s attitude motivated the team to work with him to improve the company’s business credit scores and ratings. He was able to answer all of Jason’s questions, explain changes as they occurred, and give Jason suggestions on how to impact his business credit scores and ratings. His responsiveness showed Jason that he really cared about Diversico and its subsidiary companies.'


Allocating Cash Back Into the Business

Jason says that working with his Dun & Bradstreet Concierge Manager has paid off. Qualifying for outside funding has increased the speed with which significant investments can be made back into the business. Having a strong Dun & Bradstreet business credit report has increased Diversico’s ability to manage cash flow and divert risk away from the owners.

Right after you incorporate your business, the second investment should be Dun & Bradstreet - it's a great tool.
Jason Rubin, CEO, Diversico Holding

If he hadn’t invested in the Concierge service, Jason says that he probably would have just kept funding the business using his personal finances. However, he would have had to wait years to see the same results. Without having to pay all Diversico’s business expenses with cash on hand, cash can now be allocated back into growing the business.


Advice to Fellow Business Owners

When we asked Jason what his advice would be to other companies who may be considering Credibility Concierge, he mentioned the importance that he places on his Dun & Bradstreet business credit file.

Jason advised that new businesses should make it a priority investment right away. If business owners want to avoid years of mistakes and headaches, investing in business credit early on is a great way to give your business the financial tools it needs to grow.

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