Bjork Construction Builds More Than Homes – They Build Relationships

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The folks at Bjork Construction say they aim to make you feel like family when you work with them. This is partially because it’s a family-run business, but it’s also because Jean Bjork knows that you create a great brand by building strong relationships. And because Jean is a second-generation small business owner, she knows a thing or two about running a company. Bjork Construction has formed many important relationships over the years. And the family has developed unique relationships with each other as they’ve learned to be co-workers as well as family. The company has built such strong relationships with some of their clients that the clients request Bjork Construction for all of their project needs.


Building the Dream

When Bjork Construction first started out in 1988, it was just Jean and her husband, Don, running the business out of their house, and they focused on high-end custom homes. After a while, the company’s residential clients began to request services for office buildings too, so Bjork Construction’s work expanded to include both residential and commercial projects.

Even though Jean and Don co-founded Bjork Construction, they decided she would be president, despite the fact that construction is a male-dominated industry. Jean admits that she’s had to work harder and smarter as a woman working in construction, but her gender certainly hasn’t hindered the success of the company. After a decade in business, Bjork Construction was able to expand its services and began to grow. With that growth came many new challenges, but by building valuable relationships, the company faces those challenges with strong allies and the dedication of the Bjork family.

Business Credit Helps Bjork Tackle the Challenges of Growth

The company’s strong relationships with its partners and customers have been instrumental in growing the business. Finding the right CPA, attorney, and banker has helped Bjork Construction tackle the challenges inherent in growth. Another piece of the puzzle was getting business credit help from Dun & Bradstreet.

Our success is based on the relationships that we are able to keep throughout the years, as well as the relationships we established through the credibility that Dun & Bradstreet helped us obtain.
Jean Bjork, President, Bjork Construction Company

Building a Legacy for the Next Generation

Throughout the years, Jean says she has learned a significant lesson about running a successful business: All relationships are valuable. And that lesson aligns with her best advice for other business owners: Finding the right partners is crucial to success. Jean says that she hopes to someday write a book about all the different experiences she’s had as a business owner. “Some experiences have made me laugh, and others made me cry, but they have all made me who I am today,” she explains. “As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I am proud that I have been able to make a name for myself and for my company.”


The Bjork family itself grew along with the family business, and Jean and Don’s daughter, Jessica, and son, Brent, eventually joined the company. Jessica is the company’s Vice President, and Brent works as Assistant Superintendent. Down the road, Jean hopes to pass on the business to her children, so they can continue to build relationships and their family legacy.

“There is nothing like knowing that your company built something solid and beautiful that will stand the test of time,” Jean said. “I am very lucky to be in an industry where we create homes, offices, and buildings, as well as relationships.”

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