AMS.NET Maintains Small-Company Feel Despite Rapid Growth

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AMS.NET has grown significantly since they were founded in 1988. Paula Frisk, Senior Accountant, was AMS.NET’s 27th employee when she first started. Now, the company has grown to about 150 employees. She estimates that 60% to 80% of their business comes from the public sector, such as schools and government agencies. AMS.NET specializes in helping schools receive and implement E-rate program funding, and helping keep the schools as technologically up to date as possible. AMS.NET helps them incorporate and install in-classroom screens and monitors, security cameras, and fully integrated online systems.

Our [Concierge Manager] has helped us get to the point where our credit report reflects our strength as a company.
Paula Frisk, Senior Accountant, AMS.NET

AMS.NET has been fortunate enough to experience continuous growth, even during slow periods, such as 2015–2017, when E-rate slowed their program funding. AMS.NET’s CEO, Robert Tocci, never tires, is never idle, and is continuously searching for opportunities to grow the company. AMS.NET has garnered a positive reputation and trust with schools throughout California. With an innovative CEO focused on growth, a seasoned sales team that understands their customers, and an experienced credit manager, AMS.NET is poised to continue experiencing positive growth for the foreseeable future.


Wearing Many Hats and Managing Growth

Working for a rapidly growing small business has its challenges. Paula Frisk, for example, wears many hats, such as managing the company’s finances, monthly and annual closings, and customer credit and collections. As a company that has grown to such an extent in such a short time, AMS.NET employees often need to pitch in and lend a hand when necessary.

Paula was beginning to notice a problem. AMS.NET’s credit report did not reflect the steady growth it had experienced over the last 30 years. For example, AMS.NET’s recommended credit limit in its Dun & Bradstreet credit report was significantly less than half of limits set in credit lines it was actually qualifying for. Fortunately, Paula had a background in credit management, so she understood how important it was to accurately reflect their strength as a company in their report. However, taking on this task and still managing the rest of her responsibilities effectively was going to be a challenge. That’s where Credibility Concierge made the difference.

Getting the Right Help to Build a Strong Business Credit Report

When people don’t know who you are, [business] credit plays a role in [potential] customers knowing who they’re working with.
Paula Frisk, Senior Accountant, AMS.NET

Paula sought the help of a Concierge Manager to quickly and efficiently turn AMS.NET’s credit report around. The Concierge Manager assisted with such tasks as keeping the company’s business information accurate and up to date. Initially, AMS.NET appeared to be a small company with mediocre financial standing in its credit report. The Concierge Manager helped AMS.NET credit report, portray the company as the established, financially secure company it is, and Paula was able to focus on her regular duties knowing that AMS.NET’s credit concerns were being resolved.


AMS.NET currently has a significant line of credit with a major bank. Since many of its clients are schools that are closed for parts of the year, this line of credit helps AMS.NET manage cash flow. The bank pays AMS.NET’s vendors, and AMS.NET pays the bank when it receives payment from their clients. Since working with Dun & Bradstreet, this line of credit has increased by an order of three, allowing for a volume of customers that keeps AMS.NET in a state of steady of financial growth.

AMS.NET’s business credit report may even play a role in its ability to expand into new territories in the future. With plans to expand into states like Arizona and Nevada, having a strong business credit report that can help demonstrate its credibility may help AMS.NET get a foot in the door.

Helping Schools and Students Realize Their Potential

AMS.NET helps students and schools of all income levels get an equal shot at obtaining access to the technology they need to compete in today’s world. Many would not be able to navigate the federal funding process without the help of AMS.NET. It’s the company’s hope that with E-rate funding becoming available to more schools, it will be able to bring its services to educational institutions in neighboring states.

Despite the company’s growth rate, Paula feels it continues to have a “small-town feel,” something it shares with Livermore, California, the city it’s based in. No matter how large the company grows, its CEO remains accessible and the knowledgeable and experienced staff remain friendly and willing to lend a hand. With a strong business credit report and steady finances, the future looks bright for AMS.NET.

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