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Increasing Programmatic Spend Highlights Issues Across the Ad Ecosystem

Programmatic is becoming more commonplace – 63% of B2B marketers report that they are buying or selling programmatically this year, and spending on programmatic is expected to continue to rise. As adoption grows, the challenges become more apparent. The most common challenges include having the right data and sharing it across silos; targeting the right audience and measuring campaign success; and needing in-house resources with programmatic skills. The latter has caused some companies to seek agency support. In order to overcome these challenges, companies can work on strengthening their data foundation and, for B2B specifically, working to use the data to understand both the immediate contact and the entire account with all of its stakeholders. In addition, companies should endeavor to ensure that marketing teams are building programmatic skills – even if the companies are working with agencies – so that the in-house teams can react quickly and effectively when helping manage campaigns.

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