The Future of ABM: Engage Digitally. Grow Faster

3 Keys to Attracting the Right Customers and Accelerating Growth with Digital

B2B buyers are rapidly changing how they think about and approach their buying journey. According to McKinsey, digital interactions have become twice as important post-COVID. 

It’s more critical than ever that companies use their dollars wisely to engage their buyers in the right channels, at the right times. That means digital.  That also means opportunity. For the businesses willing to invest in smart digital engagement, the rewards can be substantial.

In this webinar recording, Dun & Bradstreet’s VP of Marketing, Nipul Chokshi and LiveRamp’s B2B Demand Generation Leader, Ben Coffee, covered actionable insights and strategies for how to reach the right customers through digital channels, including how to:

  • Better serve your buyers’ preferences and maximize ROI in digital-first interactions
  • Target accounts more likely to buy with the use of intent data and AI
  • Drive higher engagement through always-on personalization and targeted messaging