Infographic: 6 Scientific Steps to B2B Programmatic Success

Using Common Data Sense in a Mad Digital World

Remember when you did experiments in junior high science class using the scientific method? It's funny how quickly those seventh-grade lab lesson memories come back, even for us marketing types who haven't touched a beaker or test tube in ages.

Turns out, the scientific method is a helpful way to get your head around B2B programmatic. Taking a "data informed" approach to audience targeting is much like a science experiment - it's an evidence-based process that relies on empirical repeatable testing to learn the truth.

Dun & Bradstreet in collaboration with the Oracle Data Cloud have developed a "common data sense method" for making programmatic work for you: Digital Advertising Sanity Check: Six Scientific Steps to B2B Programmatic Success


So put on your hypothetical lab coat, goggles and thinking cap as we walk through this six-step programmatic experiment!

sanity check infographic

Cut through the confusion to make programmatic work for you and your audience.

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