D&B Rev.Up ABX: A New RevTech Solution

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D&B Rev.Up™ ABX: Unify Sales and Marketing Plays

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behavior, the latest digital transformation remains as tangible as ever: you can get almost anything online. From groceries and medications to technology and services, buyer journeys are entirely digital, and traditional differentiation approaches are no longer as effective. But differentiation is still possible through personalized approaches to create unique experiences tailored to individual customers.

If your sales and marketing teams aren't on the same page about who your customers are and what they need, you risk sending mixed messages across channels and hurting conversion rates. To remain competitive and engage with relevance for today’s audience, it’s crucial for marketing and sales teams to operate from a single source of truth. That can be hard to achieve when your teams operate in data silos.

New Buyer Behavior Brings New Challenges

This shift to digital buyer journeys also comes with an increase in the sheer amount of information put in front of buyers every moment they’re online. Because of the upsurge in digital noise, buyers crave personalized experiences throughout their interactions with a business. They also demand more control over their preferences and privacy.

At the same time, marketing and sales teams are sifting through more digital buying signals than ever before. The MarTech and SalesTech landscapes are littered with niche products promising to capture and convert those moments.  The sheer volume of tools to choose from and the complexity in integration leave marketing and sales teams executing campaigns in silos.

This means intent signals from one channel aren’t shared with others. Marketers and sales teams only know within a given channel where a buyer is in their journey. And, when someone tells your legal team they never want to be contacted again, teams scramble to update a proliferation of fragmented databases and lists.

The tools that are supposed to help are resulting in a costly and disjointed buying journey, far from the goal of delivering efficient experiences that delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

The challenges we hear from marketing and sales leaders are pretty consistent.

  • They need to invest more in their digital strategies, but have a hard time selling new investments to the decision-makers holding the purse strings.

  • Buyers are increasingly concerned about privacy, but it’s challenging to manage as regulations shift, and marketers need data about their customers to deliver personalized experiences.

  • Marketers want to offer personalization, but it’s difficult to scale their efforts.

  • Sales teams want to reach the decision-makers, but they’re competing with a lot of noise.

  • Marketing and sales teams want to measure their success, but data is either hard to access or inconsistent and unreliable.

The Tech Solution for Sales and Marketing Teams

What marketing and sales teams need is a single and full view of buyers. You need to know who is most likely to buy, where they are in their journey across channels, and how to reach them in each unique channel. Then you need to make the whole thing feel like a coordinated and personalized conversation. 

This means that once you have your ideal audience identified for a given campaign, you need the ability to target those buyers with all of the tools at your fingertips – across paid social, paid search, email, programmatic ads, your website and sales plays.

And you need to deliver compelling account-based experiences customized for your buyers’ needs, wants, and interests. Account-based marketing alone isn’t enough anymore. You have to take it the extra step for real, relevant engagement.

Basically, these teams don’t just need marketing or sales tech. They need a foundation that enables them to unify data and develop a multi-dimensional view of customers, build audiences, activate multi-channel campaigns, create truly personalized and engaging experiences, and measure results.

Can technology rise to the challenge of this need?

Enter D&B Rev.Up™ ABX

At Dun & Bradstreet, we believe the path to success requires rich, clean, reliable B2B data that you can trust as the foundation of your strategy. With D&B Rev.Up™ ABX, you can engage the right buyer, augment your first party data, and find the right people at the right time—with the right message.

Single 360⁰ View of Your Buyer

Teams can combine their 1st and 3rd party data with the power of the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud and our industry-leading Customer Data Platform to achieve a single, full view of buyers and customers in one place. Through the consolidation of accounts, contacts, campaigns, and sales plays, marketing and sales teams can work as one toward the same outcomes – growing revenue.

Activate Anywhere – Or Everywhere

Teams aren’t trapped in a single, enclosed platform like other tech on the market. D&B Rev.Up™ ABX integrates and works with existing MarTech and SalesTech so that they can activate in one channel, many, or all of them in a consistent and orchestrated way. They gain the power of the Data Cloud and our CDP, while also being able to use tools they already have. 

This openness and flexibility helps teams to work efficiently and means they can maximize previous investments and use dollars wisely. You can choose the full power of D&B Rev.Up™ ABX, or use it just in one channel – ads, email, web, sales plays – and then scale up to achieve a coordinated conversation with buyers everywhere they’re likely to engage.

Personalized, Relevant Engagement

D&B Rev.Up™ uses AI and advanced modeling to help you deliver experiences that will resonate with the right buyers, based on deep account and individual buyer insights and preferences throughout their journey.

AI-driven models reveal who your ideal buyers are and how they move through their buying journeys, both at an account level and an individual level. With the merging of first-party and third-party data, you can build targeted audiences of most likely buyers and engage with relevance at every stage of their journeys. And your buyers who opt-in can get an experience that is tailored to their needs and interests.

Measure to Optimize the Journey

D&B Rev.Up™ ABX gives sales and marketing teams the power to gain insights on performance and customer engagement to continuously inform and improve your programs.

It’s Built with Privacy in Mind

D&B Rev.Up ™ABX supports you to manage opt in and opt out marketing preferences and , teams can build an audience once and apply these s preferences in a unified way across activation channels.

A Data-First Strategy is the Way Forward

At Dun & Bradstreet, we’re not just envisioning a new solution for others. We’re using it ourselves. Our marketing and sales teams have experienced the same challenges as so many others. We had disparate data silos, and that made it hard to glean the right insights about our customers. We needed a single source of truth, so we made one.

We ran a pilot program that consolidated our data in D&B Rev.Up™ ABX, created new models to build our audiences, and activated across channels. With this pilot program, we reached 4,400 new accounts that were the right fit, more than doubled the return on our ad spend, and saw a 58% increase in qualified pipeline year over year.

We’re convinced that a solid data foundation is crucial to sales and marketing growth – because we’ve seen it.