How B2B Marketers Can Prepare for the Coming Cookieless World

Digital Marketers have feasted on the trail of crumbs left by third-party cookies for almost as long as the internet has been a commodity. But what happens when the cookie jar is empty? Marketers who aren’t prepared for the coming loss of third-party cookies may end up starving. But those who are ready for the change could end up with rich opportunities to build trust and engage their buyers with more relevance.

In this on-demand recording, Nipul Chokshi, VP Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet and Travis Clinger, SVP of Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp discuss:

  • Which uses of digital identity will be affected by the loss of third-party cookies and what that can mean for your marketing strategy
  • What actions you can take now to prepare for the cookieless world and why you might already have started
  • A real-world example including lessons learned and what you can do next