OneNeck Solutions - A Journey to ABM Success

Activate ABM Success with a Single Source of Market Truth

Corey Livingston, VP Marketing, OneNeck Solutions, joined Dun & Bradstreet VP of Digital Product Marketing Nipul Chokshi at SiriusDecisions Summit 2020.

Faced with aggressive sales and revenue growth goals in an increasingly uncertain environment, OneNeck Solutions relies on a foundation of data and insights to drive its go-to-market strategy. Corey detailed how OneNeck is using AI with data and insights to activate omni channel ABM and drive digital experiences to increase conversion.


  • Creating a 360-degree view of the buyer to get deep, relevant insight
  • Scaling ABM across thousands of accounts and activating 1:1 engagement across channels
  • Best practices – what to do, and not to do, when embarking on an ambitious ABM program

Watch the case study, recorded live at SiriusDecisions Summit 2020.

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