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Test, Measure and Optimize Your B2B Digital Campaigns

Six Scientific Steps to B2B Programmatic Success (part 3 of 3)

Programmatic advertising is a major B2B digital pick in 2016, and one more marketers are choosing for investment to better reach their customers online. In Pagewiz's Are B2B Companies Ignoring A Rewarding Marketing Opportunity?, 60% of Hanapin Marketing report respondents say specialized targeting will be the most important aspect of digital marketing in 2016.

This final post from the Six Scientific Steps to B2B Programmatic Success focuses on Step #6 of the "data scientific method" - observing the results - by activating, measuring and refining your online campaigns. Read blog one which focused on the primary question, "Who is your audience," and blog two which outlined how to connect your defined audience to their user digital IDs.

The best programmatic marketers see things less as distinct campaigns and more as an ongoing experiment where you are constantly testing.
Melissa Kofroth, Content Marketing Director, Dun & Bradstreet

Brought to you by Dun & Bradstreet in collaboration with the Oracle Data Cloud, we offer you a "common data sense method" for making programmatic work for you and your audience.

Measurement delivers closed-loop programmatic

Talk about avoiding the lunacy of a mad digital world! The real deal logic for using programmatic is the ability to measure performance for greater insight into who is seeing your content, when and where.


The best programmatic marketers see things less as distinct campaigns and more as an ongoing experiment where you are constantly testing. The results will help guide real time recalibration of audience definition, messaging and media outlet tactics.

ongoing experiment

  • Audience Definition - You may learn pockets of your original segmentation are not responding as well as others. If so you can refine audience parameters like industry, job function, company size and geography. This can include removing defined targets who aren't the best fit, but can also mean adding new segments to your audience pool that the data suggests could be A GREAT FIT.
  • Creative - It's important to keep your creative fresh. While initial display of the same content reinforces the message to a captive audience, at a certain point they will find it stale and uninteresting. Track impressions and clicks on a scheduled basis - daily, weekly or monthly. If you see activity drop, it may be time to serve up some fresh content.
  • Media Outlets - If you're not seeing traction on certain media outlets based on measurement thresholds you define, you should consider re-allocating your ad spend and possibly presenting a different twist on your content that is more relevant to the content on that given web page.

The business case for programmatic is strong. Obviously automation means efficiencies and cost savings and that's always a benefit. The ability to build and execute an integrated programmatic strategy could be the greatest benefit of all, tracking both online and offline touch points as your audience moves through the buyer's journey. Once you lock down on a closed loop measurement and recalibration process, your programmatic will repeatedly generate leads, build pipeline and drive revenue.

As a B2B marketer you're likely to find that connecting online user data with resilient third party business and contact data will produce the best results for highly informed audience definition that aligns with your business goals. Now you're in a position to fully benefit from identification solutions and integrations to consistently power your efforts across screens, channels and activation partners. With this level of data-informed insight, you'll deliver highly personalized experiences when and where your audience learns and buys.

That's crazy good!

For a recap, read the full report Digital Advertising Sanity Check: Six Scientific Steps to B2B Programmatic Success


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Together Dun & Bradstreet and the Oracle Data Cloud have collaborated to bring a best-in-class natively integrated audience data and technology solution to hundreds of B2B marketers. Oracle's Data Hotline can help you use Dun & Bradstreet audience data to power your next B2B programmatic campaign.



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