How Sales Teams Find Success by Targeting Buying Groups

Figuring out who makes purchasing decisions is key

Sales teams are seeing a shift in the sales landscape. Rather than searching for individual leads, they're seeing success is tied to targeting buying groups.

Traditionally, sales teams spent time and effort on prospecting, finding, and developing leads that indicate the promise of customer wins. Yet recent trends show that one person rarely makes all the important buying decisions. Instead, purchasing decisions within mid-sized to large enterprises result from groups composed of people from different parts of the target organization. Figuring out who sits in those buying groups and reaching out to them with compelling, value-driven pitches can make all the difference in the world in closing deals. 

With a sales strategy to pursue a buying group, teams can now craft messages aimed at different roles within the group with data-informed campaigns. But first, sellers must understand how those making up the decision-making and buying process are dynamically evolving – and how their approach needs to match this evolution – to win deals. 

The Dun & Bradstreet eBook, “Win More Deals by Targeting Buying Groups,” addresses this trend and shows how to shift your approach for greater B2B sales success.


  • Why it's getting harder to close deals and what you can do about it

  • Understanding who’s involved in a buying group

  • Why intent signals and actions from potential buyers can be your guide as you access relevant data

  • How to tailor messages to your personas

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