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Webinar: How Professional Data Expands B2C Advertising Targets

B2C Marketers Enhance Customer Profiles With B2B Data

As a B2B marketer working with leading technology partners who integrate Dun & Bradstreet data and insights into their solutions for their customers, I have recently been put in a unique situation – marketing to B2C companies.

As a B2C marketer, don’t forget your targets are attracted to and hired by companies with demographic profiles. The challenge is adding professional-level data to your B2C profiles.
Jessica Nussbaum

It’s been interesting to work with our partner LiveRamp to create content and messaging that resonates with a B2C audience. And the question we’ve been focusing on is: How can we talk to B2C companies about the value of B2B data? We explore this in our December 13 webinar How Professional Data Expands B2C Advertising Targets.


As a B2C marketer, yes, you look at your database to discover what your best customers look like. And yes, you create demographic profiles based on things like age, income, and region.

Equally important, though, is recognizing that many of your targets work for companies – and that they are attracted to and hired by companies that have their own demographic profiles. The challenge you likely face as a B2C marketer is adding professional-level data to your B2C profiles.

While some simple questions can help you enhance your target profiles with professional data, a deeper understanding can also help you target better and drive higher ROI. As you are thinking through your target personas, consider some of these questions:

  • What industry does your target work in?
  • Does your target work at a Fortune 500 company or SMB?
  • What’s your target’s seniority/title?
  • What’s your target’s department function?
  • Is your target a decision maker?

Join LiveRamp and Dun & Bradstreet December 13 at noon ET for a 30-minute webinar, and dive deeper into how B2C organizations can use professional data for better targeting. You’ll learn:

  • How to marry personal and professional-level data for precision targeting
  • How professional-level data empowers better brand experience and campaign performance
  • How to determine if professional-level data will enhance your targeting strategy

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