So, You’ve Got Lots of Customer and Prospect Data. Now What?

What’s Next for B2B Marketing Blog Series

Data is King, Queen, Sultan, Empress, Czar, and – shout-out to Star Wars fans – Mand’alor. You get the picture. Marketers, especially, have been promised a competitive advantage from data. 

The promise is this: If you know your customers and know your prospects, then you can create more targeted and relevant messaging that delivers greater ROI. While we (marketers) have the creativity to nail the messaging, data has often hindered our ability to deliver on increased ROI.

The problem? Data silos. It’s a topic we tackle in the What’s Next for B2B Marketing magazine (see below.)

Data, more often than not, lives in silos across an organization. Sales, service, marketing, and finance may each have their own data sets, sitting on different platforms (and very often buried in spreadsheets). More importantly, that data might not be synchronized or validated for quality assurance. 

Today, 80 percent of marketers say data quality is critical to sales and marketing, yet the current state of data quality is “questionable” at best – and it’s even declined by 10 percent according to Dun & Bradstreet’s B2B Marketing Data Report 2017.

Siloed data isn’t king of anything. It’s more like the Wars of the Roses, with “factions” of data – incomplete and often contradictory – fighting for legitimacy and preventing you from maintaining an accurate, unabridged source of business truth. To fulfill the promise given to data-driven marketers, you need to have an easy-access data infrastructure that spans functions and departments and delivers trusted “Master Data” about your customers.

Master Data is common data such as business identifiers, hierarchies, segmentation categories, and other basic content that an enterprise shares between its systems and processes. Simply put, Master Data comprises the foundational data elements that allow you to easily share, structure, match, and clean data across systems and processes. Its ultimate purpose is to help bring clarity to and confidence in knowing what to do next with your business. 

Oracle customers have a unique advantage. For you, a shared, trusted view of customers is more than possible – it’s a reality. The What’s Next for B2B Marketing magazine from Dun & Bradstreet and Oracle shows you how Master Data is yours for the taking – and the means for delivering amazing customer experiences.

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