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The 3 Marketing Elements Your Startup Needs

The tasks that plague a new business owner can seem daunting, especially when you’re restricted by a tight budget. That’s why it’s important for small business owners to optimize their marketing strategy with simple to use, powerful digital channels in order to start generating leads straight from the get go.

Blogging, social media, and email marketing are three simple yet powerful digital channels to help small business owners spread brand awareness and start generating leads.

In fact, research from the Content Marketing Institute titled Small Business Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America, revealed that the top three marketing vehicles used by small business are social media at 93%; blogs at 87%; and e-newsletters—or email marketing—at 83%. So, let’s dive into the reasons why these three channels are the savviest options for today’s entrepreneur:


Starting a blog is simple and cost efficient. For instance, anyone can start a free blog on platforms such as WordPress—simply create an account and begin telling your brand story. What’s more, blogging has the potential to attract more potential leads to your company’s website, and a key priority in a new business’s marketing strategy should be lead generation. This means you must ensure your site isn’t static and that fresh, engaging content is updated on a consistent basis. Provide content that offers actionable tips pertaining to your core audience’s pain points. This type of trustworthy and didactic content will keep them interested and coming back for more.

Email Marketing

For consumers that may not at first come across your new website or social presence—reach out to them directly through email.  This gives your new business the upper hand in the buying cycle so long as you execute your promotion correctly—like ensuring your email list is comprised of legitimate contacts.

Be sure to include a catchy headline and pertinent information in the body of the message; for instance, if you’re a telecommunications reseller you can drive traffic back to your blog by prompting readers to check out your “5 Ways to Eliminate Downtime with Unified Communications” post. In doing so, you’re reeling in potential leads through direct contact while still allowing them to conduct research on your services themselves—an important preference of today’s buyer that new businesses must heed.

Social Media

Social media is a great catalyst for springing a large volume of brand awareness for new businesses due to its digestible and shareable content. As a new business you want to build a relationship with your consumers right away so you can stay afloat, not only in terms of brand awareness but in producing sales as well.

As such, social media is a stellar vehicle to drive your new business awareness through the roof. For the best results, avoid boasting about your products so much and rather, start conversations with your new followers. For instance, link to relevant market research—as this will boost your credibility—and ask questions like, “We think these top five predictions from Gartner are right on track. What are your predictions for the rest of the year?” Leaving the floor open is the best way to generation the most comments and shares.

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