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DSCI Improves Targeting & Segmentation Driving 2X Increase in Online Conversion

Be more effective at targeting decision makers and earning better campaign metrics

For most B2B marketers, marketing automation systems like Eloqua or Marketo dramatically change the way lead generation campaigns are delivered and measured. Smart marketers know that implementation of these technologies doesn’t guarantee success; positive results are highly dependent on the data that feed those platforms. Just ask Stacey Corbin, Marketing Communications Manager at DSCI.

To drive DSCI’s lead generation efforts, Stacey historically leveraged several marketing channels: events, telemarketing, inbound marketing efforts including SEO/SEM, and outbound email campaigns. To improve program effectiveness and efficiency, Stacey was tasked with implementing Marketo at DSCI in 2014. 

The Challenge: Investment In Marketing Technology Makes Data Quality A Priority

As the technical implementation of Marketo was winding down, Stacey shifted her attention to ramping up her email campaigns and was faced with a critical question: What data should be imported into the system? She knew the old adage of “Garbage in. Garbage out.” and didn’t want to fall prey to it. “The problem was that we had no way to identify what data was good and what was bad,” said Stacey. “And we knew that the success of our marketing automation program would depend upon our use of good quality company and contact data.” 

The first step was to take a critical look at DSCI’s existing prospect list to establish what was useful, accurate and relevant and therefore should be imported into Marketo. Said Stacey, “Unfortunately, the data was old – some of it dating back 10 years. I had no way to tell whether or not the prospects we had in our database were still a match to our target customer profile.” Determining data truth was becoming a daunting task for Stacey to say the very least.

The Solution: Identifying Inaccurate And Incomplete Data

With no margin for error, Stacey reached out to the data management experts at Dun & Bradstreet for help. Together they developed and implemented a robust data management strategy focused on delivering reliable and accurate target contacts to drive DSCI’s digital marketing strategy.


With the help of the Dun & Bradstreet Customer Success team, the data from DSCI’s database was loaded into the D&B Workbench Data Optimizer, a secure, cloud-based data services platform, and run through their proprietary Cleanse and Enrich process. This effort identified inaccurate and incomplete data including undeliverable email addresses and spam traps.

Next, the viable contact records were enriched with geographic, industry and revenue data to support customer profiling and more effective segmentation. “Going through this data management process allowed us to identify not only the prospects we wanted in our lead nurturing program, but almost as important, those that we didn’t want in those campaigns,” said Stacey.


To help stem the flow of inaccurate data from online forms, Stacey added Workbench’s Real-Time Data Enrichment Connectors for Marketo. The data collected from DSCI’s online forms are processed immediately by Workbench and appended with 44 additional fields of information to provide a complete view of those inbound leads. “It’s great – D&B makes sure that our inbound leads are complete and accurate, so we get the full picture without having to burden our website visitors with lengthy forms,” said Stacey.

Results & ROI

When Stacey brought Dun & Bradstreet into DSCI, she was confident that together they would solve her data challenges. “I knew that if we focused on the quality of our data that we’d be more effective at targeting IT decision makers, which would translate into better campaign metrics. But I didn’t expect the results to happen so quickly,” said Stacey. Together DSCI and Dun & Bradstreet have:

  • Increased email deliverability by 42%
  • Improved data completion rates for contact and company records to 90%
  • Seen forms conversion rates climb from 5% to 11%

“It’s so much easier for us to analyze and segment our customer and prospect data. And, now that our data is more complete and accurate, our messaging can be customized to the specific audiences we’re targeting,” said Stacey. What Stacey did not expect was that the Dun & Bradstreet Customer Success team essentially became an extension of her team. With the data experts on her side, Stacey said, “Manual processes were taken off of my team’s plate, freeing up our time to focus on other tasks. We have so many plans and goals that we are striving toward. When we can automate data management processes, it makes executing on those other things possible. The Customer Success team certainly makes my job easier. ”

In addition to implementing proven data management practices at DSCI, the Customer Success team ensured that benchmark metrics and goals were established and tracked so Stacey could point to hard numbers, attesting to data and program improvements. “With these metrics in place, it really helps me report up to our management team – so they know what we’ve been able to achieve,” states Stacey. As Stacey looks to today and beyond, “The data is good. We have much more confidence that we can actually reach the people that we need to reach. We’ve been very happy with the decision to go with Dun & Bradstreet.”

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