Kicking off 2021 Strong with the Right Sales Tools

Make 2021 Your Strongest Sales Year Yet

In 2021, successful sales teams will be the ones who reach the right buyers early in their buying journeys – and get there before their competitors. That takes smart sales strategies, current knowledge of industry trends and best practices, as well as the right tools and tech to support your team and your prospecting.

In this on-demand recording from Dun & Bradstreet, you can get actionable tips and tricks to help make 2021 a strong year for your sales organization.

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Three best practices for 2021 sales success:

  • Re-diagnose, revisit, and reset so that you stay nimble in today’s accelerating sales environment
  • Be on-point, timely, and persistent to reach your buyers
  • Stay on top of the news, trigger events, and digital signals that will keep you informed about your key accounts – and help you stand out

The right tools and tech to help drive your sales organization’s efficiency and growth:

  • Prospecting smarter
  • Increased data coverage
  • New capabilities for sales users
  • Driving productivity and efficiency
  • Increased automation
  • New capabilities for admins