Dun & Bradstreet Provides Successful Master Data Management

The Reality of Best Made Plans

Cushman & Wakefield is a leading global real estate firm. What started as a small business over 100 years ago has grown into a firm of over 50,000 employees in 400 offices across 60 countries.  

The company oversees a variety of industries and specialties, with core services ranging from capital markets to investment and asset management, facility services and project development services, just to name a few.  

Jackie McBrady, Senior Director, Lead-Finance Applications EMEA with Cushman & Wakefield joined Dun & Bradstreet on a panel discussion of Master Data Management in Spring of 2023 and shared more on their data management journey. 

Master Data Management Journey

While presenting at the Forrester B2B Summit (“Summit”), Jackie McBrady went on to discuss that as the team started to solve for their Master Data Management approach, a few key priorities came into play. To paraphrase what Jackie McBrady shared at the summit, first, the team at Cushman & Wakefield worked through their CRM approach, making this the foundation for most of the next steps in their journey. This is achieved by what they refer to as Cushman Global for Salesforce.

The next step in their journey was moving into the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® number certification for their golden records by D-U-N-S matching within their Salesforce CRM platform. 

McBrady pointed out that as their journey of data management continues, there are opportunities for data stewardship, followed by hierarchy understanding and management. A key piece in the next steps of their journey for Master Data Management will be a focus on monitoring, something that they continue to work through today as an overarching goal for the organization.

"...an example of bringing Dun & Bradstreet data into Cushman’s overall ecosystem is D&B Optimizer for Salesforce. Specifically calling out that D&B Optimizer for Salesforce helps provide clean, complete, and actionable data to power our Salesforce platform powered by the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud."
Jackie McBrady, Senior Director, Lead-Finance Applications EMEA with Cushman & Wakefield, Cushman & Wakefield

McBrady went on to say that the D&B Optimizer for Salesforce can be matched not just with D&B Data, but with their own business data to help improve the quality and enhance or meet the needs of this data to get the best outcome.

In addition, the team at Cushman & Wakefield has worked with their customer-built integration to connect Dun & Bradstreet data for identity resolution (matching to D-U-N-S) as well as to enrich their data.

In conclusion, McBrady imparted that Cushman & Wakefield continues to work through monitoring as a future state of the data management ecosystem (content maintenance via change notification as a key component).


The Reality of Best Made Plans

Dun & Bradstreet is happy to support the ongoing journey of Master Data Management with customers like Cushman & Wakefield. Jackie and the other panelists from the Spring 2023 event agreed that even the best made plans for a data management journey need to be adjusted along the way. As they continue to focus on next steps, the service and support provided from Dun & Bradstreet will help the Cushman & Wakefield team stay true to guiding principles and overarching goals versus quick wins.


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