Webinar:Targeting Untapped Demand in Key Accounts

3 Data-Driven Approaches to Account-Based Marketing

A critical component of a winning account-based marketing (ABM) strategy – one that expands wallet share in key accounts and captures revenue from new targets – is tight collaboration between sales and marketing. There’s a challenge most teams face, though: You know there’s potential – but how do you engage, progress and close those opportunities?

Unfortunately, current systems and measures often can actually hide opportunities, resulting in buying group “blindness.” Website conversion rates can be misleading, hiding important truths. This webinar will demonstrate how you can uncover hidden signals that indicate a prospect is ready to buy.

Watch Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director – Marketing Operations Strategies, SiriusDecisions (a Forrester Company), and Deniz Olcay, Director of Product Marketing, Dun & Bradstreet, in a discussion about data-driven approaches that can help you identify and capture untapped demand.

You’ll learn how you can:

  • Prioritize outreach and engagement strategies based on first-party on-site data and third-party off-site data
  • Build and execute omnichannel engagement strategies that inspire action
  • Understand the “hive mentality” of B2B buying groups and identifying buying “swarms”


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