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What's a "Relationship Platform?"

And why does a CMO need one? Dun & Bradstreet Former CMO Rishi Dave explores the answers in "The New Art of the Marketer" webinar.

Listen to the webinar replay, "The New Art of the Marketer," hosted by Dun & Bradstreet former CMO Rishi Dave.

When I came to Dun & Bradstreet for my first interview last summer, I thought I stepped into a content marketer's dream.

During that nerve-wracked, awkwardly chitchatting walk with my escort to the interview room, I noticed the walls were emblazoned with motivational, strategic statements about "indispensable content" delivered in "modern ways." Wow, I thought. I really had to get this job. Where a lot of companies are just trying to figure out content strategy, these guys had posterized it!

It didn't take me long to realize the wordy walls weren't trying to inspire the team to create better blog posts, infographics or tweets. The content mentioned was something far more important. (Gasp! Yes, some things matter more than the blogs we all love and manage.)

Content, in Dun & Bradstreet parlance, refers predominantly to the data the company provides customers. I have taken to calling this Big-C Content and the content marketing work my team and I create little-c content. The little-c stuff we do is meant to help our audiences understand the complex world of data and analytics where our Big-C lives.

I clearly had a lot to learn about that world, and I undoubtedly still do. But I work at a data company. We roll around in data all day. How difficult it must be, then, for marketers at businesses that sell software or smart phones or tickets or tires to genuinely understand – much less prioritize – the challenges and opportunities in their data management. Guessing is fun with your tourney brackets. Not so much when it comes to your marketing data.

Our recent efforts to streamline and simplify the data dialogue certainly helped me get my head around it. It's not about the data; it's about growth, how your company's relationships fuel growth, and how data empowers relationships at scale.

The concept is straightforward. It aims to speak to a near-universal goal (growth) and do so in a tangible, human way (relationships). But on its surface the connection of growth, relationships and data might not completely answer the question of how do you actually do it.

Enter the relationship platform.

A relationship platform is the foundation a company must establish to truly prioritize data-inspired relationships and activate them for growth. A relationship platform will:

  • Create a singular, integrated view of your the data and insights required to manage your web of relationships
  • Transform an enormous volume of data into actionable information
  • Enable functional leaders to share across silos the data, analytics and associated activities of their teams, maximizing coordination and effectiveness
  • Give CMOs a comprehensive picture of current and potential customers and the knowledge required to convert them to advocates

What are the business results you can expect by building a relationship platform? And what else does it take to master the New Art of the Marketer – embracing data as the key to marketing excellence?

Dun & Bradstreet former CMO Rishi Dave offers a unique perspective on this and more in a special webinar discussing The New Art of the Marketer." To hear the replay, register here.

We're confident that the little c of the webinar will bolster your ability to capitalize on the Big C in ways that help you generate more of the biggest C of all – cash.

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