Brainshark – Improving the ROI of Data

A Data Management Transformation at Brainshark

In today’s new environment, productivity and efficiency in revenue operations are critical – not just for growth, but for survival. Sales and Marketing teams can’t be basing ABM decisions on data that doesn’t reflect our new reality. Brainshark recognized the importance of increasing the ROI of data quality early on, and invested in the people, processes and technology accordingly.

In this session recorded at SiriusDecisions 2020, Kate O’Leary, Director of Revenue Data Operations at Brainshark, shared her organization’s transformational data management story.


  • Reducing risk and increasing revenue confidence - how a solid data foundation can help you weather economic adversity more effectively
  • Quantifying the value of data quality – how to shift perceptions from “cost center” to “revenue generator”
  • Gaining buy-in and budget – how to build an effective business case to fund your program

Watch the webinar, recorded live at SiriusDecisions Summit 2020.

Watch the Webinar