Infographic: B2B Media Buying in the Digital Age

Programmatic Drives B2B Advertising

B2B marketers are embracing programmatic advertising as a cost-efficient way to target their prospects and customers online. And while there are certainly challenges to overcome, the opportunities that customer data and technology afford B2B marketers has never been greater. As B2B brands continue to partner with agencies to perfect their media buying strategy, it’s important for agencies to understand the advertising landscape.

Programmatic Advertising is The Norm for B2B Marketers

B2B media buying used to be cut and dry. Find a publisher with a large B2B audience and buy some display ads on their site. But the emergence of programmatic advertising has changed the way B2B marketers think about digital advertising. In essence, programmatic intends to make media buying simpler, more cost-effective, and most importantly, highly targeted. It is intended to solve the inefficiencies of digital advertising by leveraging customer data and insights to target the right user at the right time in the right environment. While programmatic has been embraced by B2C marketers for some time, it affords B2B marketers the same opportunities, and agencies are creating media plans the same way they do with their B2C clients.

That’s why we partnered with Adweek to take the pulse of the B2B market on the state of digital advertising. Check out some of the key findings we discovered as part of our look into programmatic advertising adoption.

Data for programmatic marketing is the foremost reason we’re seeing this huge shift towards programmatic media buying. The ability to leverage factual business and personal data for multi-channel marketing makes is easy to B2B marketers to reach audiences at scale. Learn more about how business data can help you serve the right digital ads to the right B2B audiences.