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B2B Marketing Technology Strategy Report

As marketers are increasingly focused on revenues and measurable performance, the technology they use - and the best practices involved - move to the forefront.

For companies of all sizes, a key question is: How will an effective marketing technology strategy improve marketing performance?

To find out how marketing professionals are thinking about, using, and planning around marketing technology, Dun & Bradstreet and Informatica partnered to engage Ascend2 to conduct the B2B Marketing Technology Survey.

The results are based on completed interviews with 215 business, marketing and sales professionals. 135 of the respondents are dedicated to the B2B channel and are exclusively represented in this report.

We invite you to see what your peers are saying about:

  • The role of technology in their marketing operations
  • The most effective planning resources
  • The most challenging obstacles to success

Feel free to use these findings in your blog or post them on social media. This research is yours to share …with credits as published, please.

B2B Marketing Technology Strategy Report

Informatica and Dun & Bradstreet have partnered to enable Informatica’s customers to use D&B’s data and insights to identify risk and opportunity across the enterprise. D&B data is integrated within Informatica workflows, delivering data on demand at the point of decision, when, where, and how it is needed.

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