Are You Really Doing Omni-Channel ABM? Probably Not.

You are likely engaging your customers and prospects across different channels. However, when it comes to your strategy, we’d like to pose two questions:

  1. Are you engaging them within the context of the discussions and interactions occurring on other channels? 
  2. Are you furthering those conversations without repeating the same messages across different channels? 

If you answered yes to both questions — congratulations, you’re truly executing omni-channel marketing. If you answered no to either question, you might be stuck in the past, executing multi-channel campaigns that cause fatigue and drain valuable marketing dollars. But fear not – transforming from multi-channel marketing to omni-channel account-based marketing (ABM) may be easier than you think and could pay off in dividends.

A Better Way to Engage with Your Leads

Omni-channel marketing not only helps create a better buying experience, but also helps your target audience flow through the buying process more seamlessly. Moving prospects through the various buying stages is often the biggest challenge marketers face, and one reason for this may be that they are leveraging their ABM strategies ineffectively. Connect with potential buyers and get them moving through the funnel faster by meeting your prospects where they are and delivering the specific information they need. With an omni-channel strategy, you can deliver tailored experiences to potential buyers, rather than using a wasteful and disconnected spray-and-pray approach.

How an Omni-Channel Approach Saves Time & Boosts ROI

Unlocking visibility into the recent content your potential buyer has consumed helps you better understand where they are in the buying process. What messages have they already received? What information is critical to them at this point to move forward? Armed with this contextual knowledge, you can craft a more relevant message for your prospect applicable to their needs, delivered within the platform of their choosing. That’s the power of omni-channel ABM: the ability to deliver the exact content a prospect needs, when they need it — so they can move through your funnel faster, and with less friction.  By accelerating the buying journey, you save the customer time in the process, and you can improve conversion rates with higher values. 

The Crawl-Walk-Run Approach to Omni-Channel Marketing

Evolving from multi-channel into omni-channel marketing is a strategic initiative requiring the alignment of data, technology, people, and processes. However, you can help drive some quick wins and get your omni-channel marketing structure started with a phased “crawl-walk-run” approach. 

Phase 1: Crawl

A good place to start (or “crawl”) is to connect all of your existing channels through data. Unify the data from all channels, including foundational and engagement data, into one single location. This can serve as your single source of truth.

Phase 2: Walk 

Your next step is to build segments aligned to the buying stages that are applicable to your organization. Use these segments to execute contextual campaigns across your channels — from email to social media to advertising. 

Phase 3: Run

As engagements occur within each channel, accounts are moved from one segment to another aligning with buyer stage. When this takes place, all the marketing channels are automatically notified through a common data segment to deliver sequential, stage-specific content.
Instead of repeated or irrelevant information. Voila — omni-channel ABM!

Transform Your Marketing Strategy

Evolving from an inefficient multi-channel approach to an optimized omni-channel strategy helps connect you with customers on their preferred channels with more effective content. Omni-channel ABM can put you a step closer to overcoming one of the greatest marketing challenges of all-- delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right time.

From strategic advice to data to comprehensive MarTech and SalesTech solutions, we can help you build and streamline omni-channel marketing efforts that may accelerate the buying journey, improve conversion rates and deal sizes, and increase ROI.

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