Accelerating Buyer Engagement in the Digital Era

Enabling Modern ABM to Grow Faster

How buyers buy and how marketers market has gone through a radical shift over the past 10 years. Looking forward, B2B companies may expect digital interactions to be twice as important to their customers according to a recent McKinsey study. Driving change in buyer behaviour while facing tighter (and tightening fast) budgets have challenged B2B marketers to think differently so they can fund and execute a new digital-first go-to-market approach.

In this session recording, Nipul Chokshi, VP of Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet, goes through leveraging data, analytics, and AI to enable modern marketing strategies and come up with creative solutions to drive revenues in today’s challenging economy, such us:

  • Leveraging data, analytics, and AI to gain a competitive edge and enable cost-effective growth through digital interactions.
  • Evolving your segmentation strategy from using just fit and intent to using fit, intent, risk, and customer value.
  • Empowering SDRs and sales reps with contextual insights to prioritize and accelerate the buyer's journey.
  • Taking campaigns from manual implementation to automated cross-channel orchestration.

Watch a playback recording of the webinar presentation below.