Commerce NTIS Selects Dun & Bradstreet as Joint Venture Partner

Commerce NTIS Selects Dun & Bradstreet as Joint Venture Partner

Dun & Bradstreet is proud to have been selected as one of 35 organizations eligible to participate in the newly-minted joint venture partner (JVP) program of the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

“Trusted for over 175 years as a strategic data and analytics partner, our proven government use cases and innovative analytic solutions, such as the Human Trafficking Risk Index and Material Change Analytics, will add a unique dimension to the group of JVP organizations,” noted Michael Caskin, vice president of business development at Dun & Bradstreet.

In a recent NTIS press release, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker called the new JVP  Program “a major milestone for the data economy.” Noting that the U.S. collects “an enormous amount of useful data,” the announcement acknowledges that “many barriers exist for efficiently using, sharing, analyzing and gaining insights from these national data resources, either alone or in combination with non-federal data.”

Where the Department of Commerce identifies itself as “America’s Data Agency,” Dun & Bradstreet sees itself as America’s (and if fact, the world’s) data and analytics company. After 175 years of collecting and analyzing data, and 90 of those years working with the US government, we believe in the power of data more than ever. With every technical innovation comes more data, and broader potential applications of data, but we believe that more data and more technology is not enough. Uncovering truth and meaning from that data solves mission challenges, drives growth, and opens our minds to new possibilities.

In this new NTIS initiative, we see immense potential to accelerate innovation throughout the government enterprise. Using analytics-infused data, we have developed unique use cases that solve pressing government needs and point to future possibilities such as location analytics to anticipate supply disruptions; economic analyses to gauge economic risk and opportunity; and, of the use of non-traditional data derived from behavioral analytics to forecast the future growth trajectory of businesses and entire industry sectors.

Dun & Bradstreet continues to be inspired by the drive for innovation in the public sector. Through this unique program we’re prepared to play our part in improving the business of government.