Webinar: Balance Opportunity and Risk with Better Credit Management

Could your business benefit from automated and consistent processes that help identify creditworthy customers, make faster decisions about credit applications, and extend credit lines? With the right risk management tool, you can take advantage of automated processes and in-depth analytics.

Dun & Bradstreet’s DNBi Risk Management For Netsuite

We held a webinar with leaders from NetSuite and AgoNow to talk about how companies of all sizes can combine Dun & Bradstreet data and analytics with NetSuite’s unrivaled, cloud-based platform to streamline operations and create a seamless experience for sales teams and customers. With DNBi Risk Management for NetSuite, companies can drive growth and minimize risk in real time.

Webinar Highlights

  • Learn how Dun & Bradstreet for NetSuite can help you achieve better credit risk and data management
  • See why integrating D&B data into your platform is crucial for a seamless sales and customer experience
  • Hear from industrial wholesaler AgoNow how DNBi Risk Management for NetSuite allowed the company to manage risk in real-time, leverage additional insights about customers and streamline business processes
  • Get a short demo and see what you can do with DNBi Risk Management for NetSuite

NetSuite is the number one cloud-based ERP, and when combined with the world’s largest commercial database from Dun & Bradstreet, you can leverage a one-of-kind tool to help grow and protect your business.

Watch the webinar to learn how businesses can execute on opportunities like these, or read AgoNow’s case study for real-life insights.