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Zika - 3 Business Scenarios

Fear might play the leading role in dictating how businesses respond to the Zika epidemic.

What Implications Will Zika Have for Businesses?

  • Tourism and related sectors will be negatively impacted. Travelers may heed official warnings, particularly women who are pregnant or are planning pregnancy.
  • Retail activity might decline if consumers avoid congregating due to fears of spreading the disease through human contact.
  • Healthcare industries might experience increased demand for their products and services.

Dun & Bradstreet Analyst Perspective: 3 Zika Business Scenarios

Scenario A-Virus Spreads Mitigated by Global Support
Likelihood: 40%
The epidemic will spread to most of the Americas, minus Chile and Canada, adding significant governmental burdens. Costs might be offset by support from the global community.

Scenario B-Virus Spreads with Inadequate Global Support
Likelihood: 25%
With inadequate financial support to assist affected countries to prevent, treat and diagnose the virus, firms will reduce consumption and investment. This will depress regional growth.

Scenario C-Virus is Controlled or Eliminated
Likelihood: 35%
If a Q3 vaccine is ready, this would control the spread of the virus to the rest of the Americas and reduce the incidence of transmission. The economic and commercial costs would be contained, and long-term effects would be negligible.

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