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Video: Data Strategy- Key Pillars That Define Success

Skyline Chat Series with Chief Data Experts (3 of 4)

A modern data strategy is necessary for any data-driven organization to deliver excellent customer experiences, mitigate risk exposure, and grow.

Lead with a problem or challenge, not with a solution or set of data.
Anthony Scriffignano, PhD, Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet

Olga Lagunova, Pitney Bowes’ Chief Data and Analytics Officer, and Anthony Scriffignano, PhD, Dun & Bradstreet’s Chief Data Scientist, live on the cutting edge of dynamic data and understand what a nimble data strategy needs to be for their respective organizations in pursuit of customer value.


In this third of a four-part video series (watch one and two here), Olga and Anthony consider what it takes to rise above the chaos.


When we think about prioritization of data investments, companies cannot do everything. They have to choose.
Olga Lagunova, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Pitney Bowes

Consider these recommendations when building your data management strategy and selecting the best data partners:

  • Be clear on the desired business outcome. Knowing what you want to achieve with your business strategy is a fundamental driver of your data strategy.
  • Define the key building blocks including discovery, curation, synthesis, fabrication, and delivery as part of your data strategy. Each of these blocks needs quality assurance and governance rigor.
  • Think of your data as an asset in the pursuit of serving your customers as you choose the best data partners and investments.


Watch this video as you look to transform your data management strategy. Our final skyline chat will feature Olga and Anthony pondering the innovation that’s possible amongst what seems like constant market disruption. Don’t miss it!

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