Fintech Improves Targeting with D&B Analytics Studio

What happens when a Fortune 500 global fintech platform lacks the right data and analytics to create a comprehensive or useful view of its marketable universe?

An Incomplete Picture Casts Doubt

Without a full view of its total addressable market (TAM), a Fortune 500 global fintech firm was struggling with both short-term tactics and long-term planning. Lack of clarity on segments and market penetration made almost everything difficult, from marketing and sales to product and operations. Its data users considered buying additional datasets to help get a better picture, but they feared that data alone wouldn’t produce ROI quickly enough to satisfy stakeholders.

Speed to Meaning

Looking for help, the firm turned to Dun & Bradstreet. After listening to the needs of several teams, Dun & Bradstreet suggested D&B Analytics Studio, the cloud-based platform that automates repetitive processes, helps teams connect the dots, and is ready to go on day one.

Because the CEO was asking simple questions that the firm’s teams couldn’t answer, a speedy implementation was essential – and it was one of the significant advantages of D&B Analytics Studio. A comprehensive orientation and training session required less than two hours, and within two days the teams were using the tools, working on projects, and collaborating with Dun & Bradstreet data experts.

Another advantage that D&B Analytics Studio offered was access to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, the broadest and deepest set of B2B data and analytical insights available. After relying on large archive files for a limited commercial universe, the fintech’s teams were eager to gain a wider view and understanding of markets, particularly within the U.S.

Hiding in Plain Sight

ROI was achieved almost instantly. Looking at the information in the Data Cloud, the fintech teams saw that Dun & Bradstreet defined market segments differently from the Small Business Administration and U.S. Census data they had been using. By running their segmentation models with Dun & Bradstreet data in Analytics Studio, the teams discovered an underperforming segment ripe for sales and marketing — a segment previously labeled “well penetrated.”

As the company continues to use Analytics Studio, its teams feel more confident about their decision-making. Data users appreciate the detailed time-series view they now have across the U.S. commercial business base while executive leadership has praised the clarity of analytical insights, which has improved reporting and strategizing initiatives. From tactical decisions to longer-range strategies, D&B Analytics Studio is helping this fintech powerhouse understand its targets and opportunities to make the right moves in the marketplace.

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