AI World Keynote: Decision Making in an “Intelligent World”

Video: Data Abounds, Data Confounds

The promise of AI for business is on many people’s minds these days. News feeds overflow with the potential of emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and quantum computing to unleash unforeseen insights by harnessing the abundance of data being generated in our world today.

We know that we’re creating data on this earth at a rate that is arguably unmeasurable.
Anthony Scriffignano

That energy was on full display at AI World 2017 where thousands of technology and business leaders gathered to get a firmer grip on the growing AI phenomenon. Our Chief Data Scientist, Anthony Scriffignano, Ph.D., delivered a keynote to a packed house that carried a message of cautionary optimism for businesses as they look to the newest technologies to make sense of data for greater competitive advantage.



Scriffignano explored how the massive availability of data is changing the way business decisions are made in the modern AI context – and he stressed the importance of asking the right questions of the data, rather than going at the problem with preconceived notions and biases. He warned that while opportunity abounds for growth and greater good, so too does the danger of the dark web and malfeasance for fraudulent activity and illegal gain.

Against a backdrop of a future that in many ways is already here, Scriffignano closed with a consideration of the skills needed to succeed with the massive amount of data at hand. He stressed the importance of applying the right degree of governance to data strategies; and innovating with advanced methods that will do a majority of the heavy lifting, allowing humans to walk that critical last yard for the best contextual decisions.