D&B® Business Credit Solutions

Help Reduce Bad Credit Risk & Improve Cash Flow of Your Business

Help Make Faster, Smarter Business Credit Decisions

Companies trust D&B business credit information to help them evaluate new credit applicants and monitor and manage business customers and partners. Today, D&B's powerful data and analytics tools make monitoring easier and more predictable than ever. Our data helps keep you informed so you know how and when to take action.

Will they pay on time?

Not every customer is a good customer. D&B will help you determine when to play it safe or even deny credit altogether.

Get a company’s financial snapshot in an instant. Healthy cash flow depends on timely payments. DNBi Risk Management gives you access to world's largest commercial database of high-quality business credit information and payment histories.

Get credit limit recommendations and rankings on the likelihood of a company to experience late payments and overall risk. Help extend the right credit limit to the right companies.

Comprehensive Intelligence on Your Business Partners

Customizable Dashboard gives you information you need to help make time-sensitive credit decisions right from your desktop or mobile device.

News and Alerts notifies you of changes in your customers’ financial conditions so you can take action on risks and opportunities.

Decades of Trusted Business Credit Data

Since 1841, companies have trusted D&B’s business credit information to help them reduce bad credit risk and improve cash flow. Contact us to see how we can help your business make confident credit decisions.

*Free credit report offer includes a report on a customer or a competitor.