SIGWATCH - NGO and Activist Targeting of Corporate Entities and Sectors

An independent qualitative and quantitative assessment of corporate performance across ESG criteria, as well as early warning of emerging issues derived directly from campaign materials, allegations, and statements of NGOs and activist groups.
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Key Data Elements
Targeted corporate entity
NGO/Activist praise/criticism score
‘Power’ rating for NGO/activist group
Summary of NGO/activist source claims
Weblink to NGO/activist source statements
Approximate Coverage
Sigwatch records across over 1800 public companies
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SIGWATCH activist targeting data provides a valuable, independent qualitative and quantitative assessment of corporate performance across ESG criteria, as well as early warning of emerging issues and problems derived directly from the statements of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and activist groups. This data is obtained by tracking the campaigning communications and actions of 10,000 activist groups across the world, which are scored for levels of criticism and praise of over 20,000 corporate entities, projects, and brands, of which over 3,000 are listed corporations.

By tracking the activist groups directly rather than through media coverage as is conventionally done, SIGWATCH is able to provide data that is more accurate, more timely, and much more comprehensive. In 2020 alone, SIGWATCH generated over 600 campaigning alerts and over 16,000 corporate targeting reports. Joining SIGWATCH's external assessment of a company's ESG behaviors with Dun & Bradstreet's risk scores allows clients to more quickly identify companies in their supply chain with higher ESG risk, or identify companies with good ESG behaviors as prospects. Clients can also use D&B hierarchy to understand the ESG risk and opportunity across an entire enterprise.

Use Cases

  • Fund Management: ESG Investment Screening and Rating
    • Alternative quantitative assessment of corporate ESG performance
    • Red flagging of corporate performance shortcomings
  • Enterprise: Supply Chain Screening
    • Assessing potential suppliers
    • Checking bidders’ claims
    • Strong data on emerging economies: 24% of our corporate database comes from Asia, Latin America, and Africa
  • Quant Investment Strategies
    • Identifying emerging trends and materialities that will impact entity or sector value
    • SIGWATCH performance scores give early awareness of superior/inferior corporate performance that may impact share price
  • Reputation Management / Enhanced Due Diligence
    • Early warning of potential reputation problems for companies and their peers
    • Early warning of emerging sector-specific issues that can affect reputation and performance


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