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ESGSignals® provides environmental impact and climate physical risk data and metrics for some of the most polluting and physical asset-intensive industries. The data and metrics are provided at the asset-level which allows customers to compare the risk profile of assets with similar attributes and production capacities.

RS Metrics’ ESGSignals® data is combined with Dun & Bradstreet’s identity, firmographic, and linkage data to further expand the view of the metals mining signals available in ESGSignals®. Moreover, the combined data allows for an in-depth comparison for investing themes based on ESG integration, best-in-class, and sustainability themed investing. The ideal use case for the combined data is for gaining and comparing ESG insights. This combined data allows for increased efficiency compared to traditional ESG reporting methods

Use Cases

  • Rating Providers
    • Country, regional and company level emissions, land usage, water stress and physical risk, and economic indicators
  • ESG Analytics Providers
    • Integration of asset level emissions concentration, land usage, water stress, physical and transition risk metrics
  • Index Providers
    • Integration for ranked sustainable investment indices and custom benchmarks
      Asset Managers - Integration for fundamental, quantitative and enhanced active investment strategies
  • Corporates
    • Asset-Level environmental impact and climate physical risk metrics for assessing exposure to ESG risks and opportunities, material environmental and physical risk


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