Randall-Reilly - EDA Office Equipment Purchases

Insights for those who manufacture, sell, finance, or service equipment.
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Printer buyers = 97%
Copier buyers = 89%
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EDA by Randall-Reilly helps those who manufacture, sell, finance, or service equipment with data and insights to guide strategic planning and day-to-day operations. EDA data (also known as UCC) can also be used to help identify regional hotspots, competitor market share, growth trends, new product opportunities or target qualified prospects using detailed equipment purchasing histories.

By combining EDA data with Dun & Bradstreet data, customers can get a deeper understanding of the office equipment a given account is using; if grouped at the corporate family level, via D&B Linkage data, customers can size total opportunities.

Use Cases

  • Manufacturers
    • Provides the ability to identify equipment buyers by brand and model, as well as identifying replacement needs and more.
  • Dealers
    • Delivers customer specifics: names, addresses, make, model, and serial number of financed equipment. See opportunities specifically for your dealership.
  • Capital Markets
    • Assess the health of the manufacturing brands you analyze. The intelligence Randall-Reilly provides is both brand and market specific. From equipment leasing trends to manufacturer unit growth to specific geographic hot spots, EDA can provide the detailed histories of more than 15 million units financed since 1990.
  • Lenders
    • Gain market share in your lending area with the strategic use of transaction-based EDA data.
  • Aftermarket
    • Names, addresses, and exact equipment models are the customer specifics that EDA delivers, providing pinpoint accuracy for your aftermarket products. Gain insights on trends and emerging markets for your products


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