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Sales trigger events for companies and government agencies throughout the USA
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Overview supplies continuously updated intelligence on both public and private companies, and government agencies throughout the United States so that sales team scan engage buyers are the right time. Saleswire data is published in a weekly report that provides sales, marketing, and business development professionals knowledge about high growth, sales ready companies. Currently four unique triggering events are monitored:

  • Companies planning a move into new office space (6-24 months in advance of occupancy).
  • Companies raising Venture Capital investment.
  • Companies securing business loans for expansion.
  • Companies who have been awarded a new federal contract.

When these triggers are paired with Dun & Bradstreet firmographic insights customers can conduct well-targeted high-propensity marketing campaigns. As of January 2021, data contains over 1.7 million triggering events covering more than $4.6 Trillion in activities.

Use Cases

Saleswire reporting monitors triggering events that help sales teams identify targets.

  • Office Suppliers, Technology Equipment vendors, Network & IT Service Providers
    • Intelligence360 data enables sales teams to identify companies that are moving into a new office space 6-24 months in advance
  • Finance:
    • Intelligence360 data enables sales teams to identify companies that are securing business loans for expansion
  • Payroll, HR, & Insurance providers
    • Intelligence360 data enables sales teams to identify companies that raising venture capital investments or have been awarded federal contracts which often leads to an increase in hiring


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