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Information on tens of thousands of residential, commercial, and solar construction projects nationwide
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Each week, Construction Monitor collects information on tens of thousands of residential, commercial, and solar construction projects nationwide that customers can use to identify leads, conduct risk assessment, conduct competitive analysis, and more. Real-time and historical information on building permits, swimming pool permits, and solar permits are included so that customers can react to emerging opportunities and analyze potential future projects. When combined with Dun & Bradstreet data, customers will have access to another key business activity signal, which can help identify key prospects with higher likelihood or propensity to need relevant goods and services. Construction Monitor data can also be combined with D&B Linkage data to create a view of construction activity across a full corporate family tree and potentially growth or retraction indicators.

Use Cases

  • Lead Generation
    • Construction Monitor's clients utilize building and solar permit data for individual project leads, as well as leads on long-term relationships with top contractors and architects. Each permit provides contact information such as job site address, contractor address, phone numbers for parties involved, and sometimes email addresses.
  • Analytics
    • Building and solar permit data can be used to generate predictive and geospatial analytics. Permit data is updated daily, which can then be added into models to make predictions on future activity. Construction Monitor permits are also geocoded, which allows users to heat map construction and solar activity and growth patterns geographically.
  • Risk Assessment
    • Building and solar permits tie into property history, providing data on changes to a building that may impact the risk of insuring a property.
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Contractors can utilize permit data compiled on their competition to identify price points, volume, and location of projects that can be useful for positioning themselves better in their market.


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