Black Knight - CRE Enhanced Data

Data on commercial properties across the USA
Refresh Frequency
Key Data Elements
Current Mortgage Amount
Mortgage Lender
Mortgage Risk
Property Use
Property Value
Property Size
Property Address
D-U-N-S® Match

Match rate varies by data set: rough ranges have been provided.

Assessment - 20.5M - 37.8M D&B records
Deeds - 1.9M - 31M D&B Records
Seller - 1.03M - 16M D&B Records
Stand Alone Mortgage - 366K - 85.2M D&B Records
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Black Knight CRE℠ Enhanced Data provides a view of commercial properties across the United States to assist customers in prospecting and underwriting. This data set is created by merging multiple public and private data sources, distilling and analyzing them, and then adding this data to the property level. Combining this data set with the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, can support customers' understanding of property data, mortgage details, micro-level property characteristics, risk indicators and contextual information.

Use Cases

Black Knight CRE℠ Enhanced Data can support:

  • CRE Origination Lead Prospecting and Prioritization
  • Prospecting for CRE Refinancing Leads and Pre-qualifying
  • CRE Credit Underwriting & Portfolio Monitoring
  • Identifying Tenants for Marketing and Sales Leads
  • Underwriting and Portfolio Monitoring for Commercial Insurance Carriers
  • Prospecting and Lead Prioritization for Communication and Utility Companies
  • CRE Data Resellers, Listing Sites and CRE Investors


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