Apatics - Physician and Medical Organization Data

Physician and medical organization data and associated risk factors
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Healthcare Orgs: 90%
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Apatics data focuses on supporting self-insurance, workers compensation, and health insurance companies with network optimization and patient outcomes, with a goal of reducing fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) for those organizations. Sourced from federal, state, professional medical boards, claim data and more, Apatics data provides customers with a view of physicians' and medical organizations' demographic, professional data, specialty, group and hospital affiliation, state sanctions and federal sanctions, any other risk factors.

Combined with Dun & Bradstreet data, customers can merge healthcare provider-related data with commercial insight to better assess risk involving providers, locations, and organizations: D&B Hierarchy and Linkage data expands the view to the full corporate family tree.

Use Cases

Apatics data can help customers:

  • Evaluate risk of hiring medical providers with sanctions
  • Evaluate current providers' and medical organizations' licenses and certifications
  • Maintain demographic data and hospital / group affiliation


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