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How to Use Intent Data in Your ABM Strategy

Download this eBook and learn why intent data is key to prioritizing your ABM efforts, engaging with more relevance and influencing buying groups.Get the eBook

Harnessing the Power of Intent Data to Drive Better ABM

With 67% of B2B buyer journeys taking place digitally,1 you can no longer afford to ignore online buyer intent data—especially when it comes to account-based marketing.

Intent data can capture your target accounts' online activity, so you can understand which stage of the buyer journey they are in, identify which companies are looking to buy now, prioritize ABM accounts, and influence buying groups with the right message at the right time.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why Intent data is an innovative approach to ABM and 5 real-world use cases you can start using right away in your 2021 ABM strategies
  • How to architect and deploy personalized buying experiences and help drive higher engagement and better rapport with buying groups
  • How 3 different companies are using intent data to increase ABM success, use custom messaging in their account-based advertising, and get in front of in-market accounts

Give your ABM a Boost in 2021. Get the Intent Data eBook now!



1 Wizdo, Lori, “Welcome To The B2B Marketing Renaissance.” Forrester Sirius Decisions, January 27 / 2019,


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