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D&B offers a broad spectrum of analytic solutions for various industry verticals and corporate functions - from Sales and Marketing to Finance and Procurement, and everything in between. What makes us stand out from the competition is our access to expanded data coverage and our focus more so on assessing the future than on just analyzing the past.

Growth is best achieved when data is used to create foresight into business opportunities. Dun & Bradstreet customers are fortunate to have access to the largest global commercial database that provides content to feed their analyses. But just having a wealth of data isn't valuable if you don't use it to uncover opportunities for profitable growth. Our Advanced analytics team identifies signals and correlations hidden in the data to develop actionable conclusions that will positively impact your business.

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zurich iconSupply Chain: Lack of Visibility Translates to Vulnerability

Presenters from D&B and Zurich Insurance shared the results of the latest market research and current best practices in Supply Management analytics. Listeners will learn at which tiers in the supply chain disruptions are occurring more frequently and the causes of these disruptions.

xerox iconBest Practices in Global Risk Management

Presenters from D&B and Xerox Corp discussed the growing trends toward globally consistent risk management. Listeners will learn how to make it less overwhelming to execute on a global strategy as companies shift from decentralized, judgmental, manual procedures to a centralized, statistically-based, automated process.

forbes iconThe State of Enterprise Analytics - from Insight to Foresight

Bruce Rogers, Forbes Chief Insights Officer, presented how leading enterprises are leveraging advanced analytics to help achieve faster growth, increase ROI, and build a loyal customer base. Listeners will learn how to use predictive data to know where to invest time and money, discover the use of public data for new opportunities, and unlock the power of cloud-based analytics.

comerica iconIntelligent Targeting Leading to Sales Acceleration

Presenters from D&B and Comerica discussed how predictive scores can be used to determine which prospects have buying characteristics such as high propensity, product demand, spending capacity, buying authority, growing and immediate needs. Listeners will learn how the right mix of qualifying criteria removes the guess work, delivers higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

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