500 Million D-U-N-S Numbers (and Counting): The Power of Data in Action

Keeping Up with the Speed of Data


Data to Advance Strategies & Transformation

The world is moving at an unprecedented rate, and it has never been more alive with opportunities and potential for progress. We are poised to drive greater transformation in the next 10 years than in the past century, and it is the insights gleaned from data that will fuel our advancements.

Data has become the backbone of the business strategies of innovative companies. And it is growing in criticality as companies look to better measure their environmental, sustainability and governance objectives. We see our clients and other leaders using data to:

  • Underpin core financial systems – from home and car insurance policy to credit card, business loan, and investment portfolio qualification and validation
  • Tackle global supply chain issues through validating suppliers and providing transparency into the flow of goods
  • Fight business and government relief program fraud and malfeasance
  • Help the newest generation of entrepreneurs plan, launch, and grow their businesse

"While previous decades were about keeping up with technology, the leaders of the next decade will be keeping pace with data."
Gary Kotovets & Andrew Crisp

Data Is Not Enough

Established in 1963, the D-U-N-S® Number has become the world’s most recognized corporate “fingerprint” or identifier for connecting business entities, linking relationships, and validating financial health. This month, we celebrate a major milestone as a company as we surpass 500 million D-U-N-S Numbers – only two years after reaching 400 million.


With D-U-N-S Numbers assigned to organizations around the world, we work from the deepest, widest breadth of data in the industry. We have the foundation to give our clients the most complete, comprehensive and connected view of the global commercial landscape – from the smallest micro and entrepreneurial businesses to the largest multi-national public enterprises.

But we recognize that data alone will not solve today’s biggest business challenges or spark action for a better tomorrow.

Instead, it is the power behind the numbers – the latest technologies in the world today such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with our expert data scientists and analytics experts, who help turn raw data – mastered on the D-U-N-S Number – into insights so that organizations around the world can leverage them to inform decisions, identify opportunity, and deliver better outcomes. The D-U-N-S Number is not just a number today. It is the foundation that allows organizations to master their data – to connect, clean, and organize data efficiently in order to drive improvements in decisioning, manage risk and identify opportunity.

The movement from analogue to today’s digital economy means that we can measure and monitor data flows more than ever before – giving us tremendous opportunity to bring understanding, control and improvement to the way that we master our data and use it in more meaningful ways. Through advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and improved business intelligence, we believe that the integration of technology and data will inform strategic decisions that keep companies resilient and innovative in a future of uncertainty.

At Dun & Bradstreet, we are passionate about what we do and excited to lead our industry’s efforts to make data accessible to all, enabling companies of all sizes to weave data into their business strategies, invest in technology that enables their people to make smarter decisions every day, and lean into our collective future.

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